SmartCon Solutions was born
out of being on the front lines
of our industry.

And when you’re on the front lines, your customers tell you a lot. Their message was clear and consistent throughout; they wanted energy management and lighting control systems presented from the perspective of a commercial integrator. An integrator that was “agnostic” to the providers they represented, who proposed systems based on their needs, matched by  the best manufacturers. We listened, and decided to go about presenting such solutions in the way the market wanted.

At SmartCon Solutions we serve the markets of hospitality, higher education,   healthcare , multi-family residential and commercial by offering objective recommendations for occupancy based energy management controls, lighting control, mobile device integration, network applications, BMS Predictive Energy Optimization (PEO), and other enhancements. Our services include sales, design , project management , sourcing , installation , network deployment and post-install maintenance and support . We work within our customer’s timetable and budget, and assist with attaining rebates for a faster payback.

Our goal is to make things easier. And our mission to always remain agnostic to the solutions we represent and to ensure our clients receive the most proper offering from us, every time.

We welcome the opportunity to share our more than 70 collective years of industry experience to make your property better.

  1. Consultation
    It all starts with getting to know you, your business, your property, and your long term objectives
  2. Design
    No two jobs are the same.
  3. Sourcing
    We’ll spare you the trouble of juggling multiple transactions with multiple vendors with varying terms.
  4. Project Management
    Project Management
    Each project has it challenges and complexities. We know, we’ve been there.
  5. Installation & Commissioning
    Installation & Commissioning
    We’ve built a sterling reputation based on the quality of our installations.
  6. Maintenance & Support
    Maintenance & Support
    Peace of mind is priceless. Just call us…
  7. Network Implementation
    Network Implementation
    New Construction, retrofit, renovation or conversion; limited service or luxury resort.
  8. Mobil Application Development & Implementation
    Mobil Application Development & Implementation
    Your hotel guest wants to dim the lights with their mobile device in the room.
  9. Reporting and Anayltics
    Reporting and Anayltics
    You’ve invested in an energy management system to save money, but where’s the proof?
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