Axxess Industries creates Electronic Do Not Disturb and Privacy doorbell systems, Custom Hotel Signage, Guestroom Presence indication, Minibar notification and Tray Tracker system technologies.

Electronic Do Not Disturb
A simple way for guests to communicate with staff from the comfort of their room. Don't want to be disturbed or need your room cleaned? Simply, touch a button.

The touchswitch is generally installed next to the door. An additional one can be conveniently installed beside the bed.

Custom Hotel Signage
Our hotel signs are an elegant combination of design, innovation, and technology. Whether you require us to create custom signage for your hotel or condo project, or simply integrate our technology into your current signage design, we can provide the solution that best fits
your needs.

Guest Presence
Using a combination of a Wireless Motion Sensor in the room and a Contact Sensor on the door, guestPresence is able to accurately determine if a guest is in the room.

After the guest room door closes our motion detector scans the room to detect if there is a guest inside. This sets the system to "Guest Present". The hotel room occupancy status is re-evaluated every time the guest room door opens and closes. Only hotel staff can obtain the occupancy information leaving guests in undisturbed privacy.

MiniBar Notification
Our hotel MiniBar system allows your staff to see whether or not a mini-bar has been opened from outside of the room leaving rooms with unopened mini-bars undisturbed.

Automatic Tray Tracker
Tray Transmitter
A transmitter is integrated into a stand sitting on the food tray. It can be branded as a thank you note or promotion.

Trolley Transmitter
A transmitter is discretely attached to the underside of each room service trolley.