Centralite has vast experience in providing energy management systems for hotels, resorts, and restaurants, they provide simple and affordable solutions for HVAC, lighting, appliance control, and occupancy detection.

CentraLite’s Entrexx™ energy management system
has been successfully installed in over 7,500 rooms and continues
to be an industry leader in features, ease of use, and return
on investment.

In fact, some hotels have realized a payback period as short as three years. With up to 30% in-room energy savings, Entrexx can increase revenue and provide a premium in-room experience for guests.

Money and Resource Saver
The Elegance System provides far greater benefits than conventional lighting, including energy savings and convenience features. Lighting usage can be planned and programmed, significantly reducing waste. Built-in dimming features - 2,000 levels supported-decrease energy use by up to 60% and extend light bulb life up to 20 times their stated lifespan. The upkeep of light bulbs alone can be a huge time and resource saver.

Designer Controls
From a user's perspective, the powerful Elegance System is virtually invisible in the home or office. The need for one-to-one switches is eliminated as is the use of excessive switches and knobs to control lighting. Instead, the digital system uses attractive low-profile keypads to trigger commands with a single tap to a keypad button. Keypads are available in many designer styles and colors, including backlit units. Custom engraving is available to identify which buttons control assigned activities on each keypad.