iRiS Software Systems is an award-winning, multilingual, interactive hospitality applications provider whose innovative apps are at the forefront of hospitality technology and have been designed to improve the guest experience, generate additional revenue and reduce costs for hotels and restaurants.

The Applications
iRiS' applications cover the whole hospitality space including Restaurant, In-Room, Lobby, Spa and Conferencing. The award-winning in-room application, iRiS Guest Valet, allows hotel guests to view, access and interact with the complete range of facilities.

Fully Responsive Design
The app is built on responsive HTML5 components to deliver an optimised layout on any screen resolution, guaranteeing an ideal experience for any user.

Works in any browser
Due to the cross browser compatibility, iRiS Web Valet can be accessed on virtually any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop via a browser.

Completely Interactive
Allows your guests to access and interact with the complete range of facilities and services on offer at your hotel.

Multiple Integrations
It’s possible to integrate iRiS Web Valet with other systems within your hotel such as PMS, POS, IPTV, RMS/BMS and service optimisation systems.