Telkonet designs & develops intelligent EcoSmart energy management technology as well as EthoStream high-speed Internet access (HSIA) solutions.

Recovery TimeTM Technology
To provide both comfort and efficiency, Telkonet has developed, patented, and integrated Recovery Time technology into its EcoSmart energy management solution. Each EcoSmart thermostat has the ability to learn from its environment, consider internal and external factors, and choose how far to drift away from the temperature setpoint when the room is unoccupied. The goal of the EcoSmart thermostat is to allow the temperature to drift far enough to maximize energy savings while still being able to return to the user’s setpoint within the property-selected Recovery Time period.

provides cutting-edge technology, proactive system monitoring, and will engineer a seamless browsing experience to produce quality network access for users. EthoStream has the ability to power mobile computing in any market, and can provide a complete family of wired, wireless, and custom-designed hybrid solutions to outfit diverse property types. From hospitality properties to university campuses, coffee shops to municipal buildings, the high-speed Internet access solutions EthoStream has developed are versatile enough to deploy in any venue. EthoStream offers customized gateway servers to provide solutions that are infinitely scalable and easily upgradable, giving all customers the benefit of future-proof connectivity.