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Our Solutions
SmartCon Solutions, based in East Hartford, CT., is an
independent energy management integrator specializing
in the installation and commissioning of automated
occupancy based room controls.  Founded by Thomas Mirante
and Dominick Calciano, SmartCon is aligned with a variety of
preferred manufacturers and vendors that provide leading edge
thermostats, lighting controls and other occupant
environment amenities.  

The SmartCon course of action begins with listening closely
to our client’s energy management issues and concerns. 
We then provide an assessment of the facility’s current state,
and then ultimately suggest the solution that is the best fit for the customer’s operational and budgetary demands. Whether your property is a new facility, scheduled for a partial refresh or a complete remodel, SmartCon Solutions can provide
an objective solution that regulates your building’s energy consumption without affecting occupant comfort. We also offer a comprehensive post-installation service and maintenance plan featuring remote, proactive monitoring.

We serve the Hospitality, Higher Education, Healthcare, Multi-family Residential and Commercial/Industrial Building markets by offering objective recommendations for energy management controls, lighting control, mobile device integration, network applications, BMS Predictive Energy Optimization (PEO), and other enhancements.

SmartCon is currently contracted with the Mohegan Sun Resort hotel towers in Connecticut; The Ritz-Carlton, Boston; The AC Hotel/Marriott, San Francisco; The Kimpton Everly Hotel, Los Angeles; New York University and Chapman University, Orange, California, and many more.

The SmartCon mission is to always remain balanced and unbiased to the solutions we represent.

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SmartCare Services

Start - Finish - Future... SmartCon Solutions offers premium service when it comes to maintaining your property. Regardless of whether we have installed the property or it is an exhisting project, we have comprehensive service packages that will optimally maintain your property and address issues before they become problematic.

Smartcon retreives each properties invoice directly from the utiliy companies. Your hotels benefit from the following:

Comprehensive Online Dashboard. Outsource time-consumptive data entry and eliminate cumbersome spreadsheets

Immediately Comprehensible and Actionable Analytics. Targeted to both financial and technical audiences.

Meter by Meter Monitoring. Making it fast and easy to troubleshoot consumption, cost, and rate anomalies.

Monthly Financial Reporting. To inform the P&L

Real-Time Alerting. Same day notifications as when utility statements post.

Compliance with Local Benchmarking Regulations. Compliance is included at no additional cost.

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Complete Building Optimization

The Total Package

Common areas, building management systems (BMS), back of the house operations, all need to be seemlessly integrated to be optimal.

SmartCon Solutions offers a Total Package solution with a variety of preferred partners

These partnerships may be custom designed offerings to suit the needs of your individual properties, or you can select options from one of our basic offering guides, and add the networking options you need.

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