Healthcare facilities face numerous requirements concerning patient health, while balancing the
​rising costs of healthcare and energy usage within strict budgetary constraints. As a result, energy management technology has become an administrative priority. Buildings operating at a high performance level use over 20 percent less energy. SmartCon provides an advanced approach to energy management, designed specifically for your facility.

The importance of environmental quality, vital to hospitals and other healthcare facilities, cannot be underestimated. At SmartCon Solutions, we understand that an efficient energy management system can assist in the achievement of this goal. The healthcare industry can improve patient comfort and recovery time, while managing energy consumption. Optimal building performance, through temperature control, regulating humidity levels and improved air quality enhances a positive patient outcome and a more productive workplace.

The SmartCon & Premium Products Alliance; bringing together property and performance

SmartCon  Healthcare Solutions integration specializes in the installation and commissioning of automated occupancy energy management and building controls.

SmartCon’s collaboration with technology manufactures provide the Healthcare industry with a complete building management solution.​ SmartCon (Smart Connectivity) is aligned with a variety of preferred manufacturers and vendors that provide leading edge thermostats, lighting, drape & blind controls, electronic locking control systems, and other amenities. 

Energy Management
​​​Title 24
The state of California has instituted occupancy based room control standards that require the commercial building industry compliance in an effort to achieve energy efficiency. The adopted codes emphasize lighting standards, without compromising the quality of lighting and preserving environmental quality. SmartCon Solutions, in conjunction with their industry alliances, provides the solution that best fits your facility through energy saving lighting and HVAC technologies.

Load Control
An Energy Management system’s capability to remotely control power consumption in high capacity buildings has proven to be an effective operating application, which does not affect the customer’s day to day business needs.  The simple shift of reducing energy consumption to periods of lower demand can dramatically influence energy cost savings. In addition, an enhanced guest experience can be achieved through controlling room lighting ambiance.

Big Data
The SmartCon Solutions team has the experience in analyzing the information that generates from your Energy Management System. This data can provide insights into your facility’s energy consumption trends and expose patterns that can determine causes of energy waste and other system issues. Through the use of analytics that can anticipate a facility’s energy functionality, companies can improve decision making and implement an accurate strategic plan.

Each year, medical facilities in the United States spend $8.8 billion on energy.
Cost savings opportunities for healthcare buildings include improving the operations and maintenance of existing buildings, and finding ways to implement new and more enery efficient soulutions
The SmartCon Commercial & Industrial intelligent automation platform allows you to develop and deploy targeted solutions that dramatically reduce energy consumption, improve operation efficiency with truly measurable results and create a more comfortable environment.

Demand Response
A SmartCon installed and commissioned automated demand response program provides the latest in technology for optimizing energy usage during the stages of demand response, ensuring facility responsiveness. This technology can ensure a reliable and swift functionality.  An energy rationing approach, especially during peak periods, allows facilities to respond automatically, temporarily controlling energy usage. Targeted energy consumption during demand reduction events assists in meeting incentive payments and cost reductions.
Occupancy Based Room Controls; A smart management of temperature and light

Your energy management agenda starts at the door. Here’s how saving energy through occupancy detection could work for your facility:

The door contact switch signals the room’s thermostat, which acts as the “information center” that the room has become occupied, immediately adjusting temperature, welcome lighting and drapes adjustment. A Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) continues to detect occupancy, assuring that the desired temperature is maintained. Conversely, shortly after detection of room vacancy, the door switch will return the room to an increased energy saving level, with the temperature effectively stabilizing at a predetermined, unoccupied state.

The SmartCon team will work closely with you to structure and implement an energy management system that works best for your facility.  Expertly installed and commissioned room energy controls can provide revenue savings of up to 30 percent per room, per year.

Lighting & Room Automation

SmartCom Healthcare solutions provide energy savings without sacrificing comfort.

Lights, shades, and temperature can automatically adjust in response to time of day, special events, or with occupancy Intuitive controls.

Lights, window treatments, and temperature status can be centrally monitored and managed, to lower energy use and operating costs, and minimize peak-demand charges.  

Highlight architectural elements and selected artwork while minimizing glare and increasing guest comfort.