Intelligent Building Solutions

SmartCon Solutions is partnered with BuildingIQ providing us a unique, leading-edge solution to help our customers manage and conserve energy.
Reduce Energy Spend Without Sacrificing Comfort
In a wide range of installations, our systems have consistently demonstrated it can reduce HVAC energy consumption and costs by 10-25%, while maintaining occupant comfort levels -even in buildings rated as highly energy efficient by LEED, ENERGY STAR®, and NABERS.

Add Intelligence to Your Building
Traditional approaches to making buildings smarter focus on only two factors: cloud computing and sensing. Our services and platform is comprised of five major components: data capture and analysis, modeling, measurement & verification, control, and human expertise. Incorporating these five components constitute a more comprehensive approach to the Buildings Internet of Things.

Technology With a Human Touch
BuildingIQ's 5i Platform has deep capabilities in data ingestion, aggregation, monitoring, trending, predictive analytics, visualization, automation and optimization of HVAC energy usage and consumption. Human expertise informs BuildingIQ's unique energy data analytics to provide the basis for identifying operational and equipment anomalies.

Proven Solutions
Our customers include major property owners, hotels, and universities, which have deployed the system in a variety of buildings.
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