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Energy Management

At SmartCon, we believe the true meaning of solution is peace of mind. Our Smart Care Service Partnership Plan provides unparalleled support for your energy management issues and concerns. At the core of our Smart Care Partnership Plan is remote, proactive monitoring.

Inherent to hospitality, healthcare, student housing and commercial or industrial facilities, HVAC and lighting control represent a large portion of ungoverned expenses. The cause of this escalating cost can be invisible to you, and the results can seriously affect your property’s profitability and operational efficiency. 
The SmartCare plan can be customized to address your specific energy usage environment through proactive system monitoring and 24/7 technical support. We understand the daily restrictions and complexities involved in your budgetary and operational demands. Partnering in the SmartCare service plan is a decisive step in realizing specific benefits such as:

  • Guest Room uptime/availability

  • Efficient use of your staff resources

  • Assurance of system optimization throughout the life
    of partnership

  • Extended life of your property’s equipment

  • Your engineering team is free to address other possible issues

  • Actualize revenue savings through reduced energy utilization

  • Ensuring your expected return on investment (ROI)

The SmartCare Partnership approach to energy management optimization begins with an evaluation of the state of your property’s current environment. We would then proceed with the re-commissioning stage, to bring your property to a 100% baseline. Our remote, proactive monitoring can now anticipate, then dramatically reduce or avoid loss of productivity, disruptions and possible failures. The SmartCon Solutions team is working to ensure that your building is “fine-tuned”; operating at an efficient energy consumption level. We also provide system performance reviews and training to your designated staff members to facilitate immediate troubleshooting.

As Independent energy management integrators, we have experience working with various products, devices, software and vendors. All of us at SmartCon are determined to build a working
relationship with trust and quality of performance as its foundation.

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